iMC (iMortgageCalculator) Canadian Mortgage Calculator

Version 3.0
Updated Dec 2020

First update in 8+ years!

Rewritten for for all modern iOS devices, and now as well Android.

Merry Christmas!

iMC (iMortgageCalculator) Canadian Mortgage Calculator for iPhone

Version 2.0

iMC calculates monthly, bi-weekly and accelerated bi-weekly mortgage payments when given a property price, interest rate and amortization term for Canada and US mortgages. Also a monthly payment schedule can be produced with an option to have it be sent to an email address.

Originally was written for Canadian calculations, but decided to include results for both Canada and USA.

Extremely simple to use and is a perfect companion for real estate shopping and/or mortgage shopping.

Runs on any iOS device running version 3.0 or higher, now including support for retina display

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Icons by Joseph Wain / glyphish